lunes, 14 de junio de 2010

Mark Humpage, the weather photographer

Hi!, this is my first post. I'm so glad to present you an excellent Photographer of weather, Mark Humpage. He is from Liecestershire, England. He is master chief from MH Global Services Ltd.

Mark began his work as photographer with a Olympus E-10 but now he has an Olympus E-system. He is so demanding with his equipment, because his work need a top quality to resist hard weather.

Now he is writing about his photographic travels and adventure.

His work is about thunderstorms, tornadoes, lightnings, snow, cloudscapes, tidal bores, sunsets and sunrises. His work is awesome, taking the very soul of the atmospheric phenomenons.

Hope you enjoy his work as I did when I did a presentation about him to my digital photography class at ESCOGRAF.

To watch his work, please visit:

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